Rest in Peace

I had some pictures of previous canine companions, so I decided to create a memorial page.


.. A "found dog" .. found in my parents' back yard, apparently dumped by previous owners. Ancestry uncertain, but appears to be part shepherd. Came to live with me in 1991, when he seemed to be 1-2 years old. A faithful companion until Oct. 29, 2002, when I realized the time had come when the only way to repay his years of loyalty was to end his suffering.


Cajun (aka the dancing dog) appeared at my parents house in 1986, as an energetic little ball of fur. I was living in Ohio at the time, and took him up there and gave him to a co-worker. That didn't work out, and he returned to Kentucky with me in 1987. He lived at Rivendell until he disappeared in 1989, probably because he had developed an unfortunate taste for my neighbors' chickens.


Katie and her sister Alex came to live with me in 1990, when they were 6 years old. Alex died about a year later, and I don't have any pictures of her. Katie died in 1994, and she and Alex are both buried under a tree in my back yard.

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