Earth Harp Pictures

Finally got around to editing and shrinking the Mass Ensemble (Earth Harp) pictures to be a little more Web-appropriate. Actually got most of the work done Sunday night, but I didn’t have the patience to upload them over a modem connection, so I dumped them on a Zip disk and waited until I came back to work. This job is really starting to suck most days, but lack of broadband access at home makes me really appreciate the 100-megabit ethernet connection.

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End of a Weekend

Winding up a 3-day weekend. Nothing special, just burning some vacation time before it disappears, and enjoying the break in the weather. This summer’s heat and drought put a damper (reverse pun?) on a lot of outdoor activities. Now that it’s a little nicer, I took Arthur and the boys for hacks around the farm all 3 days. Arthur and I need to get prepped for hunt season, which might get underway real soon now that the weather has changed. Temperatures in the 90s and rock-hard ground haven’t been conducive to any kind of fitness work. (At least this year I have an excuse!).

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Reading and Blogging

I’ve reached the conclusion that most bloggers probably spend way more time surfing the Net than I do, finding all kinds of good articles, etc., to reference. I still tend to prefer print media for leisure reading, but that makes it difficult to cite anything here. For example, there was a neat blurb in The Nation about Halliburton and Enron being the two biggest contributors to the Republican Party’s legal fund in the Florida 2000 debacle. I suppose there are progressive webzines that have the same kind of stuff, but that just doesn’t fit with my reading habits.

Make Love, not War

And, of course, we should all be concerned about Dubya\’s continued march towards war in Iraq. But there are others (far too few, I\’m afraid) who are making the argument against that insanity far more eloquently than I could. I suppose I should find and link to some good examples, but for the moment I just want to stand up and be counted on the side of peace.

Liberty and Livelihood

Worldwide, on a personal level, I guess I need to be interested in Countryside Alliance ‘Liberty & Livelihood March’
occurring today in London. For those who don’t share my interest in foxhunting, and therefore may be unaware of this issue, the British government is considering a ban on hunting with hounds, and those whose liberty and livelihood is threatened by this are planning one of the largest protests London has ever seen, anticipating crowds of over 300,000.

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