OK .. Winter Officially Sucks

I can almost tolerate winter when it’s here, because I know it’s leaving eventually. But leaving it’s mess behind when it leaves is too much. I was looking at a weekend weather forecast that looked ideal for hunting. Temperatures in the 60s Saturday would be perfect for drying out (the ground, not me), then back down to the 40s Sunday for comfortable hunting conditions.

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Taxing E-Commerce

A recent NY Times editorial re-visits the old debate about states collecting sales taxes on “online retail transactions”. Every time I hear about taxing “Internet sales”, I wonder why they seem to fixate on the Internet as opposed to any other form of “remote shopping”. It’s true that the internet has driven an increase in shopping from home, but if you’re going to write a new law, make it fair. If I order merchandise from out-of-state and have it shipped to me, it should be taxed (or not taxed) equally, regardless of whether I order it via the Internet, telephone, mail, fax, or carrier pigeon. Maybe the legislation being considered actually does that, but whenever people talk about it, they just talk about “internet sales” as if mail-order shopping never existed until Al Gore invented the internet.

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Goodbye, Kris, but WHY?

Forgive me for a temporary lapse into the personal diary mode that gives blogs a bad name. I need to vent some feelings that have been bothering me since receiving news on Friday about the recent death of a friend. Although we had drifted away from each other and had no recent contact, I still have good memories of the times spent with her and her dog Farley, who liked to stand on his hind legs and put his paws on my shoulders. In fact, I’d recently been thinking of Kris and Farley; watching my dogs playing, I remembered the way Farley and Frodo used to romp and chew on each other, and wondered if Kris still had Farley. So I was mildly stunned to receive email from a mutual friend who had seen a notice in a church bulletin that Kris had died in a boating accident in Alaska, where she had been living for the last four years.

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