That didn’t take long

Just four days after I got the comment feature working, I got my first
unfriendly comment from an anti-hunting wacko in Britain. Poor Daniel’s life is apparently so pathetic that he has nothing better to do than wander the web and attack the hobbies of people on a different continent. Hey Danny-boy, get a life!! If you really want to crusade for what’s good and right, your anti-hunting buddy Tony Blair is one of our president’s strongest allies in his quest to bomb Iraqi babies. Why don’t you keep your activism local where it can do some good?

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So what do you think?

I\’ve been geeking again. I went ahead and made the security change necessary to allow the comment function to work. I\’m fairly certain that the only risk is a slight chance of a hacker being able to wipe out the blog, and I don\’t think I\’m really much of a target. Of course, even without security holes, allowing comments creates the \"risk\" of people making obnoxious comments. I saw some of that with the guestbook I used to have on my old site.

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Fox(?) Hunting

Rain yesterday and today has washed away any hopes of hunting today.
Maybe it’s time to hunt a different fox.
I recently learned that UK hockey mascot (and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model) Kylie Bax has a horse
farm on the north side of Lexington and is building a house there.
Preliminary intelligence work indicates that the location is on my normal route to/from work.
It would be downright unneighborly not to stop and speak to her! Maybe this is the year I’ll actually get arrested for stalking.

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Perl Jamming Again

I got bored because it was raining, so I decided to play with this site a little more. I found some code that I could add to it to provide a comment system like real blogs have. Unfortunately, getting it working without opening up major security holes turned out to be a problem. Right now, although it looks like it might be working, comments will not actually be added. I hope I can get some answers from the ISP about the security issues. I could move the whole thing onto one of my machines at work, but then I wouldn\’t have an easy to remember URL, unless I set up some kind of redirection kludge. I doubt if anybody really has any significant comments anyway, but it seemed like a nice toy.