Hey GW, here’s a plan

In recent days, GW Bush and Deadeye Dick Cheney have both attacked critics of Bush’s Iraq war escalations, saying the critics are not suggesting any alternatives. From GW:
“To oppose everything while proposing nothing is irresponsible.” From the Dickster: “They have absolutely nothing to offer in its place. I have yet to hear a coherent policy from the Democratic side.” That’s the kind of rhetoric that probably appeals to their base, who love anything that sounds good regardless of whether it’s true. It just so happens there has been at least one coherent policy suggested. I recently received email from my buddy, Ohio Congressman and presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich, spelling out his 12-point proposal for resolution of the Iraq conflict.

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The Executioner’s Face is Always Well Hidden

I thought I wasn’t going to write anything about Saddam Hussein’s execution, because I didn’t know what I could say that hasn’t already been said. But it’s been three weeks since I wrote anything here, and I’m at a loss for subject matter, and somebody sent me a link to this excellent satire by Jerry Ghinelli, and I just had to share. The execution story is chapter 11 of his ongoing story of the French invasion of the USA. At some point, I need to read the first ten chapters. But first, as long as I’m here, I might as well throw in some personal thoughts to keep this from being just a link repeat.

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Decisions, decisions

With Christmas two weeks away, and me still undecided about what some people need/want for Christmas, I suppose it’s silly to be thinking about political elections in 2007 and 2008. But it’s important to remember that there’s less time than one might think, because the November choices will be no-brainers. The May primaries are when I actually have to make a choice. Fortunately, the choices in both years just got much easier with announcements in the last few days.

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United We Stand?

There’s been a lot of hysterical ranting recently about something inaccurately called the North American Union, brought to my attention by a loyal reader. There seems to be a lot of FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) about what’s really been proposed, and the conspiracy freaks are too busy frothing at the mouth about secret meetings, black helicopters, etc. to take a breath and digest what it really is. I haven’t quite figured it out myself, but if Lou Dobbs and the John Birch Society are both against it, it can’t be all bad.

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Good News; What Next?

After six years of trying, it looks like George Bush and his administration finally proved that P. T. Barnum was wrong when he said “You’ll never go broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.” The Bush Gang just kept trying to find the limits of the American people’s stupidity, and for a long time it looked like Barnum was correct in his assumption that it was limitless. But finally, enough of the morons began to realize that they’d been had.

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Goodbye Joe

Good news from Connecticut. I know this is a day late, and the subject has already been beaten to death in countless blogs. But I just have to give a shoutout to the Democratic voters in Connecticut for dumping that asshole Joe Lieberman in their U.S Senate primary. For several years, I’ve used Lieberman as a perfect example of everything that is wrong with the Democratic party. Finally people are starting to wake up.

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OK … now I’m pissed

I got email from my buddy Dennis Kucinich today. Before getting to the point (which was that he would appreciate a contribution to his Congressional campaign), he waxed eloquent about why we need more Congressmen like him (which we do). Among all the other wrongs committed by his less-enlightened Congressional colleagues, he mentioned that the average American family will spend perhaps $25,000 just on the Iraq War. Destroying another country for no good reason is bad enough … but charging me $25,000 to do it really pisses me off. I’d rather buy a new truck.

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