Spammers Suck

Once again, this site has been the victim of scumsucking spammers. If these guys weren’t so loathsome, I would admire their tenacity and creativity. It really is amazing to see how much brains and brute force they devote to their misguided mission. But unfortunately, the net pollution they cause eliminates any admiration for them. For geeks like me, the game can actually be fun to a point, as it keeps us on our toes. But eventually it becomes not worth the trouble.

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Gadget Review – Griffin iPod RoadTrip

Unlike a lot of blogging techno-geeks, I don’t spend a lot of time writing about my latest gadgets, mainly because I don’t buy a lot of gadgets. I have gotten a little crazy about the cameras lately, but so far I haven’t had a lot to say about them other than a casual comment along with some of the pictures. About the only other gadget that has seduced me (and possibly broken my heart) recently is the iPod RoadTrip adapter from Griffin Technology.

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Spam Bad – Blacklist Good – Filters Worthless

Okay, more geek stuff. Apologies to the non-geek readers; you’ll just have to wait a few days for more horse news, but I hope it’s worth waiting for. In the never-ending battle against the evil forces of spam, I have put my trust in the goodness of blacklisting, for a number of reasons. Recent experiences with lost mail, combined with a recent discussion on the topic, suddenly awakened me to yet another reason why blacklisting is preferable to the less effective filtering solution.

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A Geek’s Delight

It’s probably a sign that you’re a hopeless geek pathetically in need of a life if you’re the happy recipient of email that says:

Regardless of how the rest of your day goes, here’s something to be happy about — today a honey pot you installed successfully identified a previously unknown email harvester…

Don’t forget to tell your friends you made the Internet a little better today. Thanks from the entire Project Honey Pot team and, we’re sure if they knew, from the Internet community as a whole.

Actually, maybe there’s some hope for me in the fact that I decided that posting it here might be a more reasonable (or possibly even geekier) alternative than telling all my friends. So what does this mean?

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What’s a mainframe?

I haven’t indulged in much technobabble here recently, so I guess today is as good a time as any for a good geek rant, since I scored another casualty in my long-running personal crusade to banish meaningless buzzwords from the vocabulary of morons. People who work with me have learned to humor me, with some occasional eye-rolling when they slip up and I attack them. Marketing sleazoids usually don’t fare so well, as one hapless Computer Associates wench learned today.

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