A Month Too Late

This picture shows the view from my office window, as seen by my crappy cellphone camera. Despite the picture’s (lack of) quality, you can see a pile of brush and sawdust which was a tree yesterday. Some readers may suspect me of being a closet tree-hugger and think I’m going to rant about the senseless slaughter of a tree in the prime of its life. Co-workers, who are well aware that my appreciation of nature leans more towards fauna than flora, asked me how much I bribed the chainsaw man to make the tree disappear.

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Return of the Browser Wars

A recent Computerworld article reports on the Explorer Destroyer campaign to get Internet Explorer users to switch to Firefox. It provides script code that webmasters can add to their sites to determine which browser is being used, and provide gentle or blunt suggestions to Explorer users, or even prevent them from accessing the site. As a website owner with a deep pathological loathing for all things Microsoft, I’ll be all over this, right? Wrong. Been there, done that, got over it.

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New Look

You may have noticed that things look a little different here. We have a new and improved, or at least new, look. To take care of a few little bugs, I upgraded to the newest release of the Geeklog software that drives this site. I was too lazy to make all the changes necessary to make my old theme continue to work with the new release, so I switched to the default “Professional” theme supplied with the software. I might make a few minor adjustments in the near future, but unless there’s a major backlash from faithful readers (see the poll), this is probably our new look.

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Quote of the week

The latest security flaw in Windows has stirred up some controversy among security experts about whether an unofficial patch should be installed to prevent exploitation. One self-proclaimed expert said, apparently with a straight face, “It’s certainly not a good recommendation, in our opinion, to all of a sudden start recommending code of this nature. At the very least, it has not undergone the quality scrutiny and testing that Microsoft’s patch will have.” If Microsoft had half a clue about quality scrutiny and testing, they wouldn’t be shipping crappy code that turned their customers’ computers into hacker playgrounds in the first place.

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Hello, Halliburton

As I was eyeballing my website stats this morning (yeah, I know, I need a life, but hunting was cancelled), I noticed that a computer at halliburton.com had logged enough hits here to show up on the report. I know there are a few references to Halliburton here (mostly uncomplimentary), but not that many. Naturally, I couldn’t help but wonder what had attracted their attention, and what other rants they had wandered into after reading all I had to say about their corporation.

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