Good News; What Next?

After six years of trying, it looks like George Bush and his administration finally proved that P. T. Barnum was wrong when he said “You’ll never go broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.” The Bush Gang just kept trying to find the limits of the American people’s stupidity, and for a long time it looked like Barnum was correct in his assumption that it was limitless. But finally, enough of the morons began to realize that they’d been had.

Obviously, I’m pretty happy about the results of Tuesday’s election, at least on a national level. I was a little disappointed in some local races. Actually, I guess there were some disappointments on the national level too, but considering where we were coming from, I think we got to a pretty damn good place.

So what happens next? One clue comes from an obscure Ohio Congressional race. My hero Dennis Kucinich was re-elected by a wide margin, in spite of vicious last-minute attacks from the Republican Party, including a mass-mailed brochure with a picture of Osama bin Laden and the stale old slogans about Democrats “cut and run” and “blame America”, and the threat that “liberal Democrats will take control of Congress and end programs that stop terrorists”.

At a time when the national Republican party was virtually abandoning many races all around the country, to try to focus on the few that they might have a chance of winning, why were they wasting their time and money attacking an incumbent who had only token opposition and was certain to win? That question is answered in one of their own online attacks, “If Dems Win House, Rep. Kucinich Would Chair Government Reform Committee’s Subcommittee On National Security”.

So what does this committee actually do? Under Republican control, nothing. Under the control of the Democrats, especially with a chairman like Dennis, it has pretty broad investigative powers. A Democratic message promises: “Kucinich is in line to chair the Government Oversight subcommittee on International Relations, National Security and Emerging Threats, which will bring out the truth about each and every Administration lie which led us into war, into fear, into a roll back of our civil liberties. Under his chairmanship, people in Washington will at last be held accountable for their misdeeds. The truth will come out about 911, the war in Iraq and how the Administration’s policies and actions have directly put America in more danger.”

And Dennis ain’t the only justifiably pissed-off Democrat who will now be in a position of power. John Conyers will be new chairman of the Judiciary Committee. As a ranking minority member, he held some hearings that were largely ignored because he had no subpoena power. The Republicans gleefully stomped his attempts to get to the truth, and you can bet he’s damn ready to gleefully retaliate now that he has the power. And I’m sure there are others.

With all the shenanigans the Bush team has gotten away with for six years, the biggest problem is going to be finding enough time in the remaining two years to investigate them all.

So, two years later, what happens in 2008? I’m betting McCain will be the Republican candidate for President, and, as much as I despise him for selling out the strong principles that he used to have, I think he’ll make a pretty strong candidate.

What Democrat will run against him? Looks like most people are betting on Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. They both make me want to puke. I can’t forgive Hillary for supporting Bush’s Iraq war. Obama hasn’t done anything to piss me off (yet), mainly because he hasn’t done anything yet. The man is a star based on absolutely nothing. I’ve tried to get some Obama-worshipers to tell me what they like about him, and they can’t answer. He has no track record and no position on any issues. He just has a nice smile. But, in a society where Britney Spears’ divorce gets more media coverage than all the Iraq corruption scandals, I guess that’s enough to get elected. In fact, now that Britney’s available, maybe Obama should marry her to solidify his support.

So who would I prefer? Out of the candidates that seem likely, I guess it would be Russ Feingold. As I was thinking about a McCain-Feingold competition, I realized that pair of names sounded familiar. That’s because “McCain-Feingold” was the popular name for the McCain-Feingold Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002, which was an attempt to limit the effect of big money in political races. Four years later, it hardly seems to have made a difference, mainly because lawyers have found lots of ways around it. But wouldn’t it be neat to have a Presidential race between the two individuals who have done the most to get the sleaze out of campaign finance, especially if they agreed to follow the true spirit of their legislation in their campaigns?

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