How Bout Them Chicks?

I normally don’t have much to say about the entertainment world, but I have to cheer for the Dixie Chicks and their Grammy Awards. It’s somewhat ironic that I first heard the news from Clear Channel’s Republican asshole DJs griping about it. Normally the Clear Channel team’s Limbaugh-like drivel makes me want to shoot my radio, but this morning their venom was pure sweetness to me.

I must admit I’m still not a big fan of the Chicks’ earlier music, although I admire the spunk behind “Not Ready to Make Nice”. I just have a profound admiration for their independent spirit, as Natalie expresses so well in her ACLU ad. And I really think they need to hire that photographer for their own publicity shots. I’ve never seen any other picture of her that looks so hot. Those eyes just penetrate my soul and make me want to say “Hurt me and make me beg for more.” But only because I admire her independence of spirit, of course.

There’s just one thing I regret about their award. I really wish she had been less gracious and given in to what must have been a strong temptation to stick it to some of her detractors. “Hey, Toby, how do you like me now?” would have been a perfect line.

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