Run for the Rolex

Once again, it’s the first Saturday in May, when the whole world turns its eyes towards Kentucky for that overly hyped two-minute sprint in Louisvile, aka the Kentucky Derby. Even the Queen of England was here this year (which may or may not be a step up from the usual assortment of Hollywood has-beens who show up in hopes for one last bit of attention from the fawning media who might otherwise have to work for a living). And once again, I paid absolutely no attention to the race because I’m more interested in horses than celebrities, which means the real event to watch was last weekend. And even though I’m not really a fan of overpriced watches that cost more than a good horse, I do think a Rolex watch woud be a nicer prize than a friggin blanket of roses that will wilt in a couple of days. And once again, this entry is going to be just a reference to my Rolex website where I feebly attempt to document this year’s event.

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