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My raves about Spalding’s recently attracted the attention of The Blognut. Judging from the title, one might think The Blognut is slightly nutty about blogs. One would be wrong. The Blognut is a blog about doughnuts, which the author occasionally abbreviates as ‘nuts. All doughnuts, all the time.

As I frequently have long dry spells with nothing to add here, the idea of a narrowly focused blog is interesting. When I can’t think of a thing to write about even when I don’t limit myself, it seems that a limited topic would be even more difficult. On the other hand, it could eliminate a lot of indecisiveness.

I suppose one difficulty would be devoting enough time to research. The Blognut seems to travel quite extensively in order to do the necessary research to keep finding new doughnut topics. I have doubts whether I could find any topic that would make me feel that driven.

Beer might be an obvious choice. But then I considered the downside. Dedicated researchers have to take the good with the bad. Just as Blognut had to endure the hideous
Bubble Gum Doughnuts for the sake of his(?) readers, a beer blog could require similar sacrifices.

That reminds me of a road trip back in my college days when a few brave adventurers set off to Knoxville in search of an empty beer barrel. That’s right, we drove all that way looking for a barrel that didn’t even have any beer in it, and returned empty-handed. But that’s a story in itself.

The chain-of-thought connection to this story is that, while we were in Knoxville, we stopped at a local emporium of libations in search of something with which to quench our thirst. One of our party spotted Lone Star Beer, and decided he had to buy it because his girlfriend’s brother collected beer cans, and didn’t have that one in his collection. Ahh .. the sacrifices a young man will make for love.

Lone Star turned out to be undrinkable, and he poured out most of it so that he could return triumphant with an empty beer can, even though our true mission to capture an empty beer barrel failed. I have a feeling there would be many Lone Star moments in the life of a beer blogger.

So that idea seems like a bust, leaving me back where I started without a strong sense of direction for this blog. But at least I managed to crank out one more random musing.

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