But he’s ALWAYS awesome!

Apparently, I’ve been a negligent cad, so I’ll attempt to belatedly atone for my sin of omission. The weekend before last, Crossbo and I joined some of our buddies at Masterson Station Park for a romp around the cross-country course. It was recently brought to my attention that I had dissed him by failing to muse here about how wonderful he was. So I’ll try to give him the credit he well deserves.

Honestly, the reason I hadn’t bragged on him was that he was no better than usual. Sure, he was awesome. But he’s always awesome, so I thought maybe that was ceasing to be newsworthy. He didn’t do anything spectacular that he’s never done before, although that was probably due more to my own limitations than his. Masterson does have some interesting challenges, so we might have to schedule a return excursion to see if we can raise the bar a little.

I must point out that when I say “no better than usual”, that I have not become spoiled and unappreciative. Although Crossbo’s sheer magnificence is no longer a surprise, it is still a great joy. I do fully understand how fortunate I am. In fact, I proclaimed to all within earshot at Masterson that I love my horse, and felt a surge of parental pride when someone replied “You should!”

But apparently that vocalization of my admiration wasn’t enough, and it needs to be broadcast on the Interweb to be viewed by all those who accidentally stumble in here looking for doughnuts or Natalie Maines. So here it is. CROSSBO IS AWESOME!

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