Isidore A-Dunkin\’

I can\’t take credit for that word play. I stole it from the local newspaper. Actually, so far, our share of Hurricane Isidore has been a complete blessing. As flood watch messages kept popping into my email box over the last couple of days, I pondered the irony of going from drought to flood, and wondered which was preferable. But I think we\’re just going to get our thirst quenched without drowning. As of this morning, Tatertown had received about 2.5 inches of rain since it started yesterday. That kind of sustained gentle rainfall was just what we needed, The thirsty ground has been soaking it up, with little or no ponding or runoff. Forecasters are still predicting more rain through mid-afternoon, but at the rate it\’s falling, I don\’t expect more than another couple of inches at most, and I think that will get absorbed too. On a humorous note, on my way to work this morning, I passed a business that had its lawn sprinklers going.

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