Hockey, anyone?

I think I’m going to become a loyal fan of the UK hockey team.
A few years ago, they were trying to create a poster that would get a lot of attention. One of the basketball team’s most famous fans is Kentucky native Ashley Judd.
Somebody on the team roomed with her cousin, and suggested that maybe she would be willing to pose for a hockey team poster.
So they sent her a team jersey and asked if she would consider posing in it.
This is what they got back.

I wasn’t as impressed with some of their more recent mascots, but this year they found someone who recently purchased a horse farm here, so we can claim her even if she isn’t a native.
I guess I haven’t been keeping up with the recent Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues, because I hadn’t even heard of Kylie Bax, but after seeing this year’s poster, I think I’m becoming a fan.

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