Tally Freezing Ho!

With the thermometer hovering just below freezing, and 10 mph wind, today was on the borderline of what I consider decent hunting weather. But my brother pointed out that today would be better than tomorrow, with its forecast of slightly lower temperatures and snow.
It was hard to argue with that logic, and he’s bigger than I am.

Besides, it’s always nice to have another family unit in the hunt field with me, so I can be sure my horse gets home if I ever have to leave the field via alternate transportation.
So a-hunting we went. It turned out that not many people agreed with our assessment of the weather. Apart from the staff,
the hunt field consisted of the two of us and three bold or foolish women. The numbers reminded me briefly of the Timbuktu poem, but I decided mentioning that would probably just add more chill to the air.

It actually turned out to be a very pleasant day. The chill was nothing that couldn’t be cured with judicious consumption of Wild Turkey 101. The brisk wind did a good job of pricking Arthur‘s ears. He let me know right away that as long as I sat back and stayed out of his mouth, that he wouldn’t be stopping at any jumps. In fact, he really had no intention of stopping for anything, whether I wanted him to or not.
But with a small congenial field of diehards, that really never became much of an issue. All in all, it was an excellent day; sure beat the hell out of going to work.

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