Wintry Mix

Sounds almost appetizing, doesn’t it?
That’s the weather forecast for tonight-tomorrow. What it really means is slop.
Something cold and wet is going to fall out of the sky, and they’re not sure just
exactly what combination of rain, freezing rain, snow and sleet to expect.
I assume that means I’ll be working instead of hunting tomorrow.
I wonder if it will bring out as many loonies as last week’s snowfall.
The police log from last week is full of amusing incidents.
A few reports of “suspicious cars” doing doughnuts in parking lots.
I’m not sure what’s suspicious about that, during the season’s first real snowfall.
Then there’s the “suspicious person” skiing down the middle of Rose Street. I thought the administration wanted to encourage alternative transportation to reduce vehicular traffic on campus.
I do have to wonder about one that might not be weather-related: “Suspicious car .. 9:15 PM, vehicle pulling couch with person strapped to it”. If he’s not doing doughnuts, he’s not on skis, and he has his seatbelt fastened, what’s the problem?

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