So what do you think?

I\’ve been geeking again. I went ahead and made the security change necessary to allow the comment function to work. I\’m fairly certain that the only risk is a slight chance of a hacker being able to wipe out the blog, and I don\’t think I\’m really much of a target. Of course, even without security holes, allowing comments creates the \"risk\" of people making obnoxious comments. I saw some of that with the guestbook I used to have on my old site.

I\’ve also been looking at some of the other available blogging software, and might change to something a little more powerful. But I really love the simplicity of blosxom. I installed Movable Type in December and played with it. It\’s kind of slick, but gawd it\’s a monstrosity. I really didn\’t like the way it polluted my logs with dozens of entries for every little function. But there some other tools out there that might be worth looking into.

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