And still more geekiness

It’s been a boring weekend, and I don’t have much to say. So I started looking for a fancier way to say nothing.
I started looking around at other blog software. There’s a bunch of it out there. I found this article that does a pretty good job
of categorizing and summarizing the major league players.

I decided that if I’m going to abandon the simplicity of blosxom for something fancier (still not certain),
I might as well go for something really cool. I decided against Movable Type and others of its ilk that
generate static pages and have to write into the blog directory. Using one of the totally dynamic SQL-driven ones avoids that
risk and adds a lot more flexibility.
Since the database doesn’t have to be on the same host as the blog, I can keep it on a machine that I have
tight control over, and do all my blogging/maintenance on that machine, and let this host just suck out the SQL and display it.

I started playing with geeklog, but ran into some installation
glitches that I don’t have ironed out yet. Then I tried pMachine,
and got a working test. If I decide to abandon
blosxom for a more complex world, it will probably be one of these two.

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