That didn’t take long

Just four days after I got the comment feature working, I got my first
unfriendly comment from an anti-hunting wacko in Britain. Poor Daniel’s life is apparently so pathetic that he has nothing better to do than wander the web and attack the hobbies of people on a different continent. Hey Danny-boy, get a life!! If you really want to crusade for what’s good and right, your anti-hunting buddy Tony Blair is one of our president’s strongest allies in his quest to bomb Iraqi babies. Why don’t you keep your activism local where it can do some good?

Showing the intelligence typical of his genre, he attached his comment to a totally unrelated topic, maybe because it was at the bottom of the page and he couldn’t figure out how to scroll. If I ignore Margaret’s comment and install some of the more sophisticated blogware, I could have the option of requring visitors to register before being able to comment.
That’s tempting. While I support Danny-boy’s right to his opinion, I don’t feel particulary compelled to provide a graffiti outlet for every crackpot.
I’m starting to lean towards Geeklog. It doesn’t seem to provide the cute calendar that’s so popular on blogs, with links to entries for a particular day/week/month.
After going to the trouble to get that working here, abandoning it might seem like a step backward, but I don’t think that feature really gets used very much.

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  1. Matt, Sorry you got the anti-hunting Brit, but in general I think that commenting features are great. Keeps weblogs from being 100% broadcast, and what the hell, getting a flame or two just means that someone read your post. BTW, good point about Iraq. If anti-violence activists have a clue, they’ll focus on where the truly large-scale violence is about to happen. Sad.

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