Some Minor Cosmetic Changes

You might notice that things look a little different here. I made the switch to the Geeklog software. I still have lots of minor tweaking to do, but I think everything is basically functional now.

The fun part was getting all the entries from the old blog into this one. I was
thinking about writing a script that would enter all the old text into the new
database. But the database layout turned out to be more complex than I thought,
so I finally decided that it would probably be quicker just to paste them all
into the regular posting screen. I had to tweak the code a little to get it to
allow me to backdate each entry to when it was originally posted.
Geeklog provides several different appearance \"themes\" to control what the pages
look like Registered users can select one of the available themes if they don\’t
like the default one. If you don\’t register, you get the MMMClassic theme, which
is a slightly customized version of the Classic theme which was provided with
the software.
I\’m still playing with some of the switches controlling who can do what. As of
now, anonymous (unregistered) users can see everything here, but adding comments
requires registration. You\’re welcome to read anonymously, but you have to come
out of the woodwork if you want to be heard. I copied the comments that had been
added previously. They\’re tagged as \"anonymous user\" because the comment form
has no place for an unregistered user to enter a name (one of the reasons I\’m
requiring registration for comments). I added the names provided by the
commenters into the text of the comments, so they\’re not really anonymous.
I decided to create a few posting categories (or topics as Geeklog calls them).
I\’m not sure all my posts will fit neatly into one of the topics; a lot of them
may end up in Miscellaneous. If you get tired of my babbling on a particular
topic, you can select not to view those posts.
Another benefit of registration is that you can request email notification about
new posts. The notification is not immediate; it runs periodically (probably daily)
and includes all new posts on your selected topics since the previous notification.
I\’m still learning how some of this stuff works, so there may be some little
surprises. Enjoy.

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