W’s War Two

Sometimes you just gotta wonder why the current occupant of the White House doesn’t fire his speechwriters. Then you realize that he thinks they make him sound good. I’m sure he fails to see the irony in his recent sabre-rattling about Iraq: “This looks like a rerun of a bad movie, and I’m not interested in watching it.”

Yes, Dumbya, as Mad Magazine has graphically pointed out, your warmongering (and your entire presidency) is a rerun of a very bad movie that a majority of the voters in 2000 said they were not interested in watching. And an even greater majority are now saying they don’t want you to replay it with your delusions of rewriting the ending. Perhaps if you’d watched it a little more intelligently the first time, you might have learned something.

Immediately after writing this, I received email listing some of the slogans that had been seen on banners at the San Francisco march. To avoid exceeding my daily political rant quota, I decided to stick them in here instead of adding another rant. Enjoy!

  • Draft The Bush Twins
  • Don’t Mess With Mesopotamia
  • War Is SO 20th Century


  • When Bush Comes To Shove
  • Brains Not Bombs
  • War Is A D**k Thing, Peace Is A Heart Thing
  • George Dubya: Weapon Of Mass Distraction
  • Beat The Bushes For Peace
  • Weapons Of Mass Destruction: Look Under The Bushes
  • Drop Bush, Not Bombs
  • Bombing For Peace Is Like F*cking For Virginity
  • Evolve! Work For A Non-violent Future
  • If War Is The Answer We’re Asking The Wrong Question
  • Killing Innocent People Is The Problem, Not The Solution
  • Save America, Spare Iraq, Make Texas Take Him Back


  • Real Patriots Drive Hybrids
  • Drop Names, Not Bombs
  • Who Would Jesus Bomb?
  • Stop Mad Cowboy Disease
  • George Bush Couldn’t Run A Laundromat
  • Bush Is A Servant Of Sauron. We Hates Him!
  • Make Love, Not W
  • There Is No Path To Peace – Peace IS The Path
  • Justice Or Just Us?
  • Sorry Dubya – Have A Pretzel Instead
  • Pretzel – It Does A Country Good
  • Tame The Tyrant In The Mirror, Then The One In Iraq
  • Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld: Axis Of Weasel
  • Go Solar, Not Ballistic
  • Faster Trains Not Planes
  • Nonviolence, Not Nonexistence
  • A Village In Texas Has Lost Its Idiot
  • How Many Lives Per Gallon?
  • Make Alternative Energy Not War
  • How Did Our Oil Get Under Their Soil?
  • Regime Change Begins At Home
  • More MPGs, Less MIAs
  • Put The Peace Back In
  • No Hitting (held by young girl)
  • No Oilgarchy (Oilgarchy in circle with slash across it)
  • God Does Not Bless Only America
  • Rich Man’s War Poor Man’s Blood
  • Has Anyone Seen Our Constitution Lately?
  • What If God Blesses Iraq?
  • Born To Kill, Born To Drill
  • Let’s Try Preemptive Peace
  • Our Grief Is Not A Cry For War
  • Books Not Bombs
  • If You Are Not Outraged You Are Not Paying Attention
  • Bush Is A Moron Don’t Let Him Get His War On
  • Make Soup Not War
  • Honk If You’re A Terrorist
  • Smart Bombs Don’t Justify Dumb Leaders
  • We Have Guided Missiles And Misguided Men
  • Who’s The Unelected Tyrant With The Bomb?
  • Peaceful Solution Not Daddy’s Retribution
  • Make Tea Not War
  • All Humanity Is Downwind
  • My President Is A Psychopath
  • Relax, George
  • Pierced Pussies for Peace
  • Fight Plaque not Iraq!” (and the guy was carrying a toothbrush).

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  1. I am orginially from the SF bay area, and those slogans remind me of how conservative it is out here on the \"right\" coast. Of, course I copied the slogans and sent them to all my politically \"right\" friends at work. I love pushing thier buttons!!

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