Another Internet Worm, thanks to Microsoft

A CNN report provides some information about a worm which affected Internet traffic Saturday morning, and for the geeks, McAfee provides a technical report. Although I avoid Microsoft software like the plague that it is, some of my computers at work (including a couple providing back-end hosting for many of the images displayed on this site) are surrounded by Microsoft-infected machines, and were off the air for much of Saturday when network technicians had to isolate large segments of campus in an attempt to contain the disease. So I’m taking this one personally. The CNN report says “The latest attack was likely to revive debate within the technology industry about the need for an Internet-wide monitoring center, which the Bush administration has proposed.” I think it would be better to revive debate about the quality of Microsoft software and the wisdom of allowing such a grossly incompetent and negligent corporation to have such an impact on all of us.

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