Lazy groundhog

If that stupid groundhog had gotten his lazy butt out of bed early this morning, when it was still cloudy, maybe he wouldn’t have seen his shadow. But he must have waited until the sunshine burned away the clouds, because our weather outlook seems consistent with him seeing his shadow. Today was absolutely gorgeous, sunny with temperatures in the 50’s, well above normal for today. The ground was absolutely sloppy, still thawing from the long freeze. In spite of the treacherous footing, bro and I decided it might be our best chance to hunt for a while, so we carped the diem. (A good decision, as it turned out, since Wednesday’s hunt has already been cancelled thanks to Mr. Groundhog.)

Ground conditions limited our speed and made it tough to keep up with hounds, who found a coyote in the first five minutes. We had a couple of great views from a distance, but mainly we had a nice long trail ride.

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