More slogans

Somebody just sent me another list of anti-war slogans. I’m not sure where they were collected, but they appear to be gathered from signs at some kind of protest. A few of them may be repeats from an earlier list, but most of them seemed new. Enjoy.

  • Let’s bomb Texas, they have oil

  • War = terrorism with a big budget

  • Roll joints, not tanks

  • Don’t let a rogue president make us a rogue nation

  • No Dubya Dubya III

  • Bush: Let us prey

  • Orphans make great terrorists

  • Cockroaches for armageddon

  • Stop mad cowboy disease

  • Go solar not ballistic

  • Our country has been hijacked by lunatics

  • Quick, let’s bomb more iraqi children before they
    starve to death

  • Draft the bush twins

  • Bush – Endangering America, enraging the world

  • Smoke pot, not people

  • Stop the blair bush project

  • War leaves every child behind

  • Support our troops. Bring them home

  • Dissent is patriotic

  • Thou shalt not kill

  • The emperor is mad

  • Drop Bush not bombs

  • Bad plan, dude

  • Jews for burning Bush

  • Frodo has failed. Bush has the ring.

  • War is soooo last century!

  • Oh say, can you cease?

  • Peace requires intelligence.

  • Sorry, world.

  • No one looks good in camouflage.

  • Prune that Bush.

  • The problems we face today cannot be solved by the
    minds that created them.

  • War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is
    Strength, Repeal the Patriot Act

  • Peace is not merely the absence of war, but the
    presence of justice.

  • Don’t want any trouble here. Just give back our

  • What would Jesus bomb?

  • To announce that there must be no criticism of the
    President or that we must stand by the President right
    or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but it
    is morally treasonable to the American public. (Teddy

  • Advice to persons about to write history: DON’T!

  • Imperialism makes no friends.

  • Smart shoppers compare prices: bomb Iraq $200
    billion, end world hunger $190 billion

  • 28% of Gulf War vets are on disability

  • Eisenhower warned us. Military-industrial complex:
    public debt for private profit.

  • Hitler: lousy student, failed artist, meth addict, megalomaniac.
    Bush: lousy student, failed businessman, coke addict, megalomaniac.

  • What would Wellstone do?

  • End the Drug War too

  • What liberal media?

  • Bush for Lawn Ornament

  • Bush-Rumsfeld-Cheney: the true axis of evil

  • And you thought Bush was pro-life?

  • Nice people against icky stuff.

  • Another healing hippie lipstick lesbian bohemian
    breathin’ gorgeous Goddess Poet 4 peace.

  • Nurses say war is a bad outcome.

  • I love France

  • Thank you France and Germany-Friends don’t let
    friends wage aggressive wars.

  • Bravo! Old Europe

  • Bombing for peace is like having sex for virginity.

  • Make cookies, not war.

  • All bombs are dirty.

  • 1000 points of light, 1 dim bulb

  • We have guided missiles and misguided men

  • How did our oil get under their sand?

  • Read between the pipelines.

  • We are a mass obstruction to Bush’s plan for mass

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