Weather Sucks ..or.. I\’m a wimp

Despite earlier gloomy predictions about a premature end of the hunt season, last night it looked like I was actually going to hunt today. There had been no cancellation notice, and everybody I talked to thought we were still in the “no news is good news” mode, although I didn’t find anybody who was actually planning to go. The weather forecast predicted a 30% chance of scattered showers, but that didn’t sound bad. This morning, I woke up and it was raining. The Weather Channel hourly forecast was promising rain all day. It wasn’t a really hard rain, probably not hard enough to actually cancel a hunt (I assume they went anyway). But it was hard enough to discourage me; I hate going out and getting all my tack soaked, especially on a horse that hadn’t hunted for over a month, without my brother or any of my regular buddies for support. So I spent another Wednesday at work; I’m getting really tired of that, especially now that the place is run by idiots.

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