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A Wired article alerted me to Christopher Allbritton’s blog about the impending US atrocities against Iraq, and his plans to provide independent coverage of the war. In spite of my pessimistic view that blogs like this are just preaching to the choir and not convincing anybody who isn’t already convinced, I think this is an effort worth supporting (and have the PayPal receipt to prove it). The American public needs and deserves an alternative to the corporate “journalism” which is the sole source of “news” for a large segment of the population (possibly explaining the ignorance exposed in polls such as the one I mentioned in an earlier rant).

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  1. U.S. \"atrocities\"? I think there is a man by the name of Saddam Hussein who deserves that word, and not the United States of America.

  2. The U.S. did support Saddam in the 1980\’s because he was fighting Iran. And Iran at that time and I guess even today is our enemy. But, the U.S. wasn\’t alone many countries, including the French supported him. In WWII, we joined forces with Stalin. Saddam came into power by himself, the U.S. didn\’t put him there. Even if we didn\’t support him, he still would be in power today. We stopped supporting him when we realized he was a madman, after he use WMD\’s against Iran and then against his own people and again against our troops in the first Gulf War. It\’s like if I gave you a gun and you went out and killed someone, am I responsible for your actions? Inspection teams do not need more time, or more personnel. All they need is what they have never received — the full cooperation of the Iraqi regime. The Iraqi people want this war, for military action is the only war to remove the Iraqi government. I don\’t know if you are American or if you live outside the U.S., but I hope that you will support our troops when the time comes and pray for them and for our country.

  3. Just how many Iraqi people have told you they want this war? And if I believed in prayer, I would have been praying for our country long ago, not waiting to ask for divine assistance in slaughtering civilians. And remember, the 9/11 hijackers claimed their God was on their side; Christians aren\’t the only ones with a claim to divine assistance for their slaughters.

  4. Are you saying that the Iraqi people want Saddam and his thugs to remain in power? President Bush is a Christian, but he isn\’t waging war because God told him or God is on his side. Obviously, you lean to the left while I lean to the right. We both have our arguments on this issue. The numbers that some are saying, that hundreds of thousands of Iraqi citizens will be killed is overblown. War is hell, and as I said before…Inspection teams do not need more time, or more personnel. All they need is what they have never received — the FULL cooperation of the Iraqi regime. I hope war doesn\’t happen, but it\’s really up to Saddam Hussein, if he just gives 100% cooperation then war can be avoided. Take care.
    Check this site out:

  5. I\’m not saying anything about what the Iraqi people want. YOU are the one putting words in their mouths. YOU said they want a war. I just asked how many of them had told you that. Saying they don\’t like Saddam Hussein is NOT the same as saying they want a war. I wish our own country was not run by a blustering megalomaniacal tyrant who was not popularly elected and threatens other countries with weapons of mass destruction. But that doesn\’t mean I want some other country to come bomb the hell out of us to remove him. So I simply asked what was the basis of your statement that the Iraqi people want us to destroy their country to save it from the criminal lunatic that we armed (and yes, in many states in this country, you ARE criminally responsible if you supply a gun to a pathological homicidal maniac).

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