2 Replies to “Saddam Says”

  1. I am a dixie chick fan, and I also share the views of Matt. Now granted I am not a country music neandrathal, but rather someone who enjoys good harmony and fun music. It took guts for Natalie to say what she feels, and regardless of whether anybody else individual agrees or not, it is her opinion and she is entitled to it.
    I happen to agree with what she said. I think our president has turned into a big bully. I know that he has more information about WMD, and terrorist connections, but I still don\’t trust his decisions. And just a reminder, this is my opinion and I am entitled to it.

  2. Ok. I am a geek. I meant to post the repsonse below to the dixie chick\’s message, but instead posted to this one. I apologize.

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