License Plate Laughs

OK, I’ve been one-upped. I was so proud of my Lick Bush 04 bumper sticker. This morning on my way to work, I pulled up behind someone who topped me. His license plate said FPOTUS. I briefly considered the possibility that it meant something other than the obvious (at least, obvious to me), especially considering the lack of spacing or punctuation on license plates. But when I got closer and saw his The Onion bumper sticker, it left no doubt that he really did mean F POTUS! I was just sorry that he turned before I got a chance to pull alongside and give a thumbs-up. I wonder if one of John Asscroft’s new counter-liberty systems will search DMV records for subversive license plates.

Update – my boss pointed out that FPOTUS does have another meaning and suggested a Google Search. OK, he’s right (F stands for Former), but I don’t really think this guy was a retired high-level federal employee.

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