Charlie Daniels is an unpatriotic asshole!

Charlie Daniels has blatantly trashed everything this country stands for. He might as well go ahead and burn the flag; he has effectively pissed on the Constitution. He has disrepected and dishonored the American principles that his countrymen have fought and died for, and the flag that stands for those principles. People have died to preserve his freedom to express his opinions, however ignorant and un-American they may be (un-American because they belittle the principles that make this country great). But, when somebody responded to his load of crap after Charlie’s PR flack sent it to her personal email address, Charlie and his henchmen had her fired. The Constitution grants him the right to free speech, even when his speech is trashing the very Constitution that grants him that right. But he’s gone beyond speech when he takes this kind of retaliatory action against others who speak up to defend those principles that he trashes so illiterately. If Charlie believes that this kind of suppression of speech is appropriate, why doesn’t he leave this country and go somewhere like Iraq where he would fit in better? Baghdad Charlie might be an appropriate name for him

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