Minor Tweaking

I’ve had to make a few minor adjustments as a result of the sudden and unexpected move to a new host. I found a hack to make times display in EDT, even though the server is running in PDT (although it’s apparently located in Houston). That had the side effect of skewing all the times on all previous entries. A few hours with an SQL tutorial should find a way to fix that.I also had to restore some of my small enhancements that got dropped. Like any true systems programmer, I loathe the concept of source control, because it interferes with getting the job done, just to make the auditors happy. But having two copies of this site on computers at home and work, in addition to the “live” site, is an auditor’s nightmare. I make a change at home and upload it, and forget to update the work copy, or vice versa. And sometimes I edit the live copy directly and don’t copy the change to either local copy. So when I uploaded to the new host from my work computer (because that was quicker, even though I was home at the time), I lost some of the work that had not been added to that copy. I’ve done some quick eyeballing, and think I have things back in sync now.

I also noticed that my Miscellaneous topic category, which is where I put (hopefully) amusing stuff that’s not related to my main obsessions, hasn’t had any new content since April 22. I guess I really am getting old and boring. I’ll try to do better .. but no promises.

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