Socially Conscious Drinking … Doggie Style

As mentioned earlier, my colleague Victor and I found an interesting beer, Doggie Style Pale Ale, on our recent expedition to Philadelphia. Since our return, Victor has been hounding me to find out if it’s available locally. I finally did a quick Google search and wasn’t disappointed.

Since neither of us had ever heard of it before, we had assumed that it was a Philadelphia-local product. That assumption turned out to be wrong. Doggie Style is a product of Flying Dog Ales in Colorado, which has a strong connection with Hunter Thompson and Ralph Steadman. Along with Doggie Style, they produce an interesting "litter of brews" with canine connotations and Steadman artwork. They also market an interesting assortment
of apparel and novelties promoting their beverages, although this tshirt unfortunately doesn’t seem to be for sale.

Wandering around their site a little more, I found that Doggie Style is indeed locally available. Although Liquor Barn is a little off my beaten path, I think I’ll have to make an occasional trip out there, not just because I like their beer, but because it would be morally and ethically wrong not to support a small business with a social conscience like theirs.

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