Mamas, Don\’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be .. Republicans

I gotta love Willie Nelson. At a time when jackasses like Darryl Worley, Toby Keith, and Charlie Daniels are trying to live down to the worst stereotypes of country music with their ignorant racist warmongering, Willie has once again shown his superior class and intellect. In a statement that shows he really understands the issues facing the “little men” in this country, rather than just writing corny feel-good songs about them, he has endorsed Dennis Kucinich’s presidential campaign, and promises to be “on the road again” doing fund-raising concerts. That’s one road trip I don’t want to miss.

3 Replies to “Mamas, Don\’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be .. Republicans”

  1. I find it interesting that Mr. Nelson has no problem teaming up with one of those \"warmongers\" to record a current hit record (\"Beer for My Horses\"). Am I correct in assuming, then, that his proceeds from this very popular cut will go 100% to help fund this campaign? And if not, then…. why not??
    Janice- Grew up to be Republican, but dont blame my momma- she wasnt around.

    "Give me the fox that holds his point though fools and fate combine,
    Give me the hound that follows him with nose upon the line.." Ogilvie

  2. I can\’t help but wonder what strange bedfellows Willie chooses. I never implied that he would want to \"squelch\" any artists\’ voice based on their political views at all. But other than $$, what motiviation would he have to align himself with-according to your description – such a despicable individual??? After all, in addition to raising funds for political campaigns, he does need plenty of money to cover the green fees at all of those exclusive golf courses he plays…. Yuh, a real \"common man\" sympathizer, that Willie. \"FORE!!!!!
    Happy Summer, Matt- cubbing is just around the corner…

    "Give me the fox that holds his point though fools and fate combine,
    Give me the hound that follows him with nose upon the line.." Ogilvie

  3. I can’t really speak for Mr. Nelson. But I suppose it’s possible that, unlike many of his country music colleagues, he supports the principles of freedom and democracy on which this country was founded, and does not believe that a performer’s political views should affect his career. I haven’t heard him suggest that any artist’s voice should be squelched. Your question might be more appropriately addressed to Mr. Keith, who has apparently found his public attacks on the Dixie Chicks to be enormously helpful to his career. Considering his huge display of a fabricated picture of Natalie Maines with Saddam Hussein, why is he teaming up with Mr. Nelson, who supports a presidential candidate asking the same questions as Ms. Maines? Could it be that he realizes trashing Willie Nelson would not be as profitable as trashing Natalie Maines? When Bruce Springsteen spoke up in support of the Dixie Chicks’ patriotic dissent, why was he not savaged as viciously as they were? Could it be that, like many of his swaggering chest-thumping flag-waving brethren, Mr. Keith’s machismo consists mainly of beating up on the weak? The question I have to ask myself, since I prefer Toby Keith’s and Charlie Daniel’s music over that of the Dixie Chicks (Darryl Worley’s is just nauseating), is whether I’m sacrificing my principles by continuing to listen to artists I enjoy, or whether I’m supporting a principle that they don’t: that performers’ political views should not be used against them.

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