Super Woman?

I’ve been drafted to work at a horse trial next Saturday. I haven’t been told whether I’ll be helping with stadium jumping (which would be the Novice and Training divisions on Saturday), or cross-country (which would be Preliminary and Intermediate). I assume the folks who drafted me wouldn’t make me watch dressage. Just out of curiosity, I was browsing through the entries, and saw that my favorite Olympian is riding five horses in Prelim or Intermediate. That’s five x-c rounds in one day; two less than an hour apart. How does she do that? Those wimpy O’Connors are only riding four each.

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  1. Hey I just moved down here from MA and I rode Hunter/Jumpers up there. How do you get the oportunity to work at these shows? I want to help!!
    I haven\’t found a barn yet thats comparable to my old show barn up north. I saw your links page and copied the info for Maryster Farm. Where is it exactly located?
    I\’m at Robert Murphy Stables right now and well its not what I thought it was. I should be happy that I could ride for the summer and in 2 weeks I start at Midway College and I\’ll get to ride there. Thanks for all your help though..


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