Hang ’em, Dubya!!

Things just keep getting crazier in the White House’s attempt to whitewash their lies to the American public to wrongfully justify the shedding of American blood. Former Ambassador Joe Wilson has revealed that he travelled to Niger, at the request of the CIA, to investigate the Niger uranium story and reported back that it was false. The White House’s response to this is to try to smear Wilson by leaking classified information. As reported by CBS News (and other media), columnist Robert Novak reported that Wilson’s wife was a clandestine CIA operative. Novak says his sources were “two senior administration officials”. Some journalists (e.g. Paul Krugman) have begun to discuss the fact that, if Novak is truthful about his sources, someone in the White House is leaking classified information for political purposes. I haven’t seen anyone (yet) suggest the ultimate conclusion. Exposing the identity of a covert operative is an act of treason. The United States is currently at war (which the Bush administration uses as an excuse for all sorts of violations of Constitutional and international law). The penalty for treason in wartime is death. Someone in the White House has committed a death penalty offense. Considering Dubya’s record for executions as governor of Texas, why is he letting this one slide?

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