National Holiday?

Maybe it should be. Today is both Shania Twain‘s and Lee Ann Rimes‘s birthday. (Shania is 38 and Lee Ann is now an officially legal 21). Some might dispute Shania’s claim to being a national treasure since she’s Canadian by birth and lives in Switzerland, but I’ll still happily worship her. Lee Ann’s 21st just makes me realize how much faster time is passing now, as I wonder if it’s really been seven years since she hit the charts with “How Do I Live Without You”, and astounded the world with that strong full-throated voice coming from a 14-year-old. (Actually, I’m less impressed with her now that she’s competing with other singers her own age).

And speaking of youth and beauty, they’re back! Who’s back? At this time of year, nobody who has spent much time on a college campus would have to ask that. The students are back, in all their glory. And the weather has been very coöoperatively hot, with temperatures in the 90s encouraging the student bodies to wear as little as legally possible. I’m always slightly amused at the ones wearing skimpy almost-nothings and constantly tugging at them trying to achieve a little more coverage. They could just wear something with a few more square inches of fabric, but of course I wouldn’t dream of suggesting that to any of them. And it has occurred to me that maybe the cover-up attempts are a result of them noticing the lecherous old fart leering at them. Oh well, nobody has ever been arrested for looking (although I suppose that might be next on Ashcroft’s agenda).

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