No, Darryl, I haven’t forgotten; Have you?

I haven’t done much political ranting here recently, mainly because I don’t see much point in regurgitating other points of view unless I can add something, or unless I find something that hasn’t gotten much media attention. But I’ve about reached the point of physical regurgitation from hearing Darryl Worley singing his nauseating “Have You Forgotten?. The Clear Channel radio stations are still ramming it down our throats, so I finally decided I need to answer Darryl’s questions (and ask him a few).

I hear people saying we don’t need this war. I say there’s some things worth fighting for. What about our freedom and this piece of ground?
What about our freedom? I’m definitely worried about our freedom, as it does seem to be under attack lately. But the attackers aren’t in Baghdad, they’re in Washington DC. Nobody in Iraq has the ability, or the desire, to take away my freedom. But the constant assaults on our liberty by folks like John Ashcroft are a real threat. And this piece of ground? There are significant threats to this piece of ground, but again, none of them are based in Iraq. And while we’re spending a billion dollars a week over there, we’re cutting back spending on homeland security that could address the real threats. And in addition to terrorists within our own borders (have you forgotten Timothy McVeigh and Oklahoma City?), a major threat to this piece of ground is the steadily accelerating destruction of our environment. Our air and water are becoming more poisonous every day, as a result of the folks in Washington giving their corporate cronies carte blanche to pollute at will. Take a trip to Eastern Kentucky. Look at the mountains that are being blasted into the valleys. Look at the streams that are being destroyed. Look at the slurry ponds collapsing and burying streams and homes in black sludge. What about this piece of ground? It’s in trouble all right, but destroying another piece of ground on the other side of the world isn’t going to help this one.

Have you forgotten how it felt that day; To see your homeland under fire; And her people blown away?
Have you forgotten when those towers fell?
We had neighbors still inside;
Going through a living hell

No, I haven’t. I wasn’t personally affected by the attacks, and didn’t know any victims. But I know people who lost friends, relatives, and neighbors. And I haven’t forgotten the rage one of them expressed after reading your piece of puke. I haven’t forgotten her saying that one of her dead friends would be spinning in her grave at the idea of you using her death to justify dealing the same kind of destruction to another country. Have you forgotten that the people dying in your war are also humans? Have you forgotten, that thanks to people like you, many more innocent civilians went through the same kind of living hell that you’re wailing about? Many of them, like the victims in this country, held no malice towards anyone else. They were just trying to live their lives, and now they’re gone, leaving behind grieving friends, relatives, and neighbors. And have you forgotten that while you were watching your homeland under fire, that the White House was instructing the EPA to lie to those in the areas under fire about whether their air was safe to breathe?

And we vowed to get the ones behind Bin Laden;
Have you forgotten?

No, I haven’t forgotten. But considering that vow is still unfulfilled, I think your buddies in the White House are starting to hope we have forgotten. Have you forgotten that, nearly two years later, we still haven’t found him? Have you forgotten that our own intelligence officials are saying the war in Iraq has diverted crucial intelligence resources away from the search for bin Laden? Have you forgotten that there is still no evidence that the ones behind bin Laden had any connection to the country we just destroyed? Have you forgotten that your government is trying to suppress a report reminding us that many of the ones behind him were our friends in Saudi Arabia? For a while, I think they were hoping that people had forgotten where bin Laden was from. Now I think they’re hoping people have forgotten that he ever existed; they sure don’t mention him much. But no, I haven’t forgotten that he’s still out there, and his followers are growing stronger every day because of your war, and we can’t find him because we’re too busy killing people who had nothing to do with him.

They took all the footage off my T.V.;
Said it’s too disturbing for you and me;
It’ll just breed anger that’s what the experts say;
If it was up to me I’d show it every day

Would you also show footage of what we’ve done to Iraq? I don’t mean just the sanitized footage that glosses over the human suffering. How about the children blown to bits when we demolished residential neighborhoods in a wild goose chase for Saddam Hussein? Oops .. sorry kids. If you were American, somebody would write a song grieving about your death, and make a lot of money on it. But you’re just little ragheads, so we don’t care. Nobody pays for songs about dead Iraqi children. The radio stations, controlled by Republican-owned conglomerates like Clear Channel and Cumulus won’t play songs about the horrors of war because “nobody wants to hear about war”. So instead they play this kind of tripe to repay their friends in DC for allowing them to control even more of the market. You want to talk about breeding anger? That’s exactly what we’re doing: breeding anger against the USA in the rest of the world.

Some say this country’s just out looking for a fight;
After 9/11 man I’d have to say that’s right

I’d have to say that’s right, too. A lot of people in this country are just out looking for a fight. And if we can’t find the people we’re angry with, we’ll just fight with any convenient victim that can’t fight back. Oooh Darryl, you’re so macho; I just admire the way you beat up helpless innocents because somebody else hurt you.

I’ve been there with the soldiers
Who’ve gone away to war;
And you can bet they remember
Just what they’re fighting for

Have you talked to them lately, Darryl? Now that it’s becoming obvious to more and more people that they were sent to fight and die under false pretenses, have you talked to the soldiers? Have you talked to the military families, veterans, active duty personnel, reservists and others responsible for the Bring Them Home Now campaign? Have you talked to the soldiers still in harm’s way, who are being left there far longer than expected, and who are now being threatened with reprimand if they voice their opinions? Have you asked them how they felt about their commander-in-chief daring their enemies to attack them with his “Bring it on” taunt? Have you forgotten that good guys die in wars, too? Have you forgotten that it’s not just some overblown fraternity rumble? Have you talked to the soldiers who can’t even get enough drinking water because Bush/Cheney have farmed out the military supply contract to their buddies at Halliburton? In the name of profit, our soldiers are being limited to 3 liters of water a day, in a desert! Have you forgotten? Have you been to any of the military hospitals in this country that are filling up with wounded evacuated from Iraq? Have you forgotten them? Your buddy Dubya sure seems to have forgotten. He’s perfectly happy to spend a million of our tax dollars to film a campaign commercial on an aircraft carrier, while keeping weary sailors away from home a day longer than necessary to provide his photo opportunity. But he doesn’t seem interested in visiting the wounded; that doesn’t make for as good campaign footage.

No, Darryl, I haven’t forgotten. I haven’t forgotten our government ignoring intelligence that could have prevented these attacks. I haven’t forgotten them lying to us about our safety after the attacks. I haven’t forgotten them using the attacks as an excuse to pass laws taking away our freedom and destroying our Constitution. I haven’t forgotten them lying to us about their reasons for going to war. I haven’t forgotten being told to “support our troops”, while many of us thought the best way to support them was not to send them into harm’s way without good cause. And I haven’t forgotten those preaching “support” who now wa
nt to silence the troops, deprive them of drinking water, and reduce their benefits to pay for tax cuts for their friends. And I haven’t forgotten your despicable exploitation of others’ grief for your personal profit. No, I haven’t forgotten.

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  1. Assuming that Matt is talking about our discussion here, I\’d like to clarify, it isn\’t my friend who died, but rather a good friend of my closest friend that I knew only as an aquaintence, hung out with her at a couple of parties and so forth. However, she was not someone who would have supported this war, and would be quite unhappy to have her name used as a means of promoting the kind of mindset that this song glorifies. I was extremely fortunate and lucky not to lose anyone close to me that day and yet, my very beloved city was wounded and I never go a day without thinking of it. I suspect that very few people who were close to what happened, and even some that were further away, go a day without thinking of it. I find Worely\’s insinuation that, because not all of those people support bombing other countries as a solution, that perhaps we have forgotten, to be completely and horrifically offensive. If anything my total inability to see the sense in raining down bombs on others is due to the fact that I am completely unable to forget. Sorry Darryl, I haven\’t forgotten? Have you?
    Erica Wise

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