We’re back and we’re baaad!

We don’t need no stinkin blood test!! Arthur has an appointment with his vet Friday for a blood test, to see if his health looks as good on paper as he feels under saddle. He’s never seemed to have any sort of vet phobia before, but today he seemed determined to convince me that a blood test would just be a waste of time.

Earlier in the week, the weather forecast didn’t look promising for today. I told my farrier on Sunday that getting shoes reset wasn’t urgent, even though one sounded a little loose, because I doubted if we’d be able to hunt today. Fortunately, he decided to show up Tuesday just in case the snow prediction was wrong. Good thing. The snow didn’t happen, and we ran fast and furious today. I’m sure we would have thrown at least one shoe if they hadn’t been reset.

Throughout the afternoon, Arthur clearly had more than enough energy. At one check, when he was showing his usual displeasure with standing around, the field master who had commented on his lack of energy three weeks ago said he was back to his old self. I assume that was a compliment.

Aside from the joy of having my horse back, the day was interesting. We had a good hard chase, spending so much time on the run that we were at serious risk of not being able to empty flasks before returning home. I don’t want to invoke that curse again so soon.

Have I ever mentioned that I love my horse?

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