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A Picture Perfect Weekend

Well, actually, some of the pictures were far from perfect. But a couple of my cameras got a little bit of a workout this weekend. Saturday was the Lexington St. Patrick’s Day parade, as well as the second anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. And, of course, Sunday was a hunting day.

I really wanted to take my new Canon Rebel to the parade and protest, but because of the rain, I opted to take the Nikon instead. (That’s a frightening sign of the creeping digital addiction. Last year’s whizbang expensive new toy is now my “don’t care if it gets rained on” camera). I don’t know if the Rebel would have done a better job coping with focusing in the rain; I’m not real happy with what I got from the Nikon, but that may be my fault.

Sunday, I stuck the Fuji in my coat pocket and went hunting. It stayed in my coat pocket most of the afternoon, but at the end of the day, when we checked at an oasis, I hauled it out and took a few pictures. I still haven’t quite gotten the hang of taking pictures on horseback. Arthur kept fidgeting and circling, the camera kept beeping, and I kept pushing the button, figuring that if I took enough pictures, I might get some good ones.

I think the thing that aggravates me most about the Fuji is the confusing feedback. It beeps as soon as the shutter button is pressed, but there’s a fraction of a second lag before the picture is taken. I think it would make more sense if the beep came after the shot was complete. That would make it a little easier to know whether I’d gotten a clean shot before Arthur whirled me away, since the LCD display is a little hard to see in bright sunlight.

Random babbling: Today was the first day of spring – the vernal equinox (not the solstice as I mistakenly said this afternoon). As I was labelling today’s pictures “2005 Spring Equinox”, it occurred to me that equinox almost sounds like it should have something to do with horses, but there’s no connection. Just one of life’s amusing coincidences that I took a bunch of equine pictures on the equinox.

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