Real UnReality

I got an interesting email from a co-worker about a new TV “reality” show. Rainer and I think a lot alike (he’s the one who sent me this earlier item), and we share a common disinterest in reality shows, and TV in general. But he thought (correctly) that I might find this advertisement amusing.

I was indeed somewhat amused by the advertisement, and the general concept of the show. I might have even tried out for this one. A bunch of intellectually advanced and socially retarded males are thrown together with a bunch of women whose physical attributes surpass their mental skills. The result is supposed to be some kind of symbiotic sharing of good qualities, to the benefit of all involved.

I did a little websearching to find more about it, and I found an article that makes it clear that this show is no more real than any other reality show. WB president David Janollari was quoted as saying:

“It’s actually quite endearing. When we started production and brought them into the set and told them the concept for the first time… the girls were like ‘Oh, they’re so adorable, I can’t wait to buy them clothes and teach them to dance’ and the guys had the same reaction, ‘Oh, they’re so lovely, we can teach them math.”

Now I’m not completely sure about the female reaction. It seems a little far-fetched, but I’ll give Janollari the benefit of the doubt and say it could have happened that way. But speaking for geeks everywhere, I know that their first reaction to a bevy of beauties wouldn’t be “Let’s teach them math”. Except for a few math/geek jokes like “the square root of 69 is ate.something”, told with that nasal snorting geeky laugh, the hormone overdose would make these guys temporarily forget math or any other subject.

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