Yes, we have RSS

If you don’t even know what RSS stands for, it’s Really Simple Syndication. Now you know almost as much about it as I do. If you’re a hard-core webhead that thinks RSS is the greatest thing since Google, you may be pleased to know that this site now has an
RSS feed

If you’re still clueless, RSS is a system that lets a site publish “headlines” in a standard format that can be read by news aggregator sites like BlogLines, or RSS reader software. This lets people who follow multiple sites to get a quick glance at what’s new on all their favorite sites in a single location.

I never paid much attention to RSS, but recently an unknown reader commented that “the only disagreeable thing about this blog” is its lack of an RSS feed that would allow BlogLines to track it. Well shux, if a little thing like that is all that stands between me and perfection, it’s worth looking into.

It turns out that, true to its name, it was Really Simple. RSS support was already in the Geeklog software. All I had to do was turn it on. The hardest part is trying to find an appropriate place in the Geeklog templates to add the links, without hacking too deeply into the code. For the time being, I’ll just add them to this article and assume anybody that’s interested can find them there. Eventually I’ll try to add them somewhere in the permanent layout.

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