AYMF, Googling Julia, and Cornholing

Despite the cryptic title, this post is hardly provocative, and probably borders on boring to all except those involved (and maybe even them). Saturday I made a quick trip up to Dayton to reunite with some of the AYMF Club at the annual Sommerfest. I stuck the Fuji in my pocket in case there were any photo opportunities that should not go unrecorded. While I was playing with it, Mike’s daughter Julia mentioned that she had googled her name and discovered that Julia Sommers is a transsexual in Australia. Based on past experience with the way Google crawls this site, I’m sticking my neck out and betting it doesn’t take long to convince Google that there is another Julia Sommers, although I’m not sure I can get this into the top 10 of the 300-400 Google hits on that name.

Previously, I’ve found that Google indexes the front page of this site frequently enough that stuff in the introductory paragraphs is usually visible within a couple of days. For instance, I was pleased to see a Google search for
(bush dissemble) listing this site in the top 10 of over 28,000 hits, within 48 hours after I posted that entry. It takes a little longer to index text within the body of the article, and even longer to find pages linked to by the article. So, with a couple of references to Julia in the lead paragraph, we’ll see what happens. And then I’ll try to keep myself out of trouble by leaving that topic, saying only that I still think I’m too young to have friends with daughters that look like that.

Aside from Julia’s candid portrait, the only other picture worth posting is one of AYMFers Beno (Beeno? Beano? even his wife isn’t sure) and Rick cornholing. For those who may be familiar with one definition of “cornhole”, I assure you that link leads to a picture approved for all audiences (and has nothing to do with Julia).

For those who are still confused, “cornhole” in this context refers to a game increasing in popularity in the Midwest in the last couple of years. As you may have guessed from the picture, if you were brave enough to look at it, it involves tossing (or attempting to toss) beanbags into a hole in a slanted board.

The name “cornhole” apparently comes from the fact that the beanbags are often filled with corn. And, even if they’re not, I suppose cornhole sounds better than beanhole (although that might be amusing to equestrians well-versed in the finer points of the art of sheath cleaning). I assumed that another reason for the name was that the original creators of the game were as warped as I am, and stretched a point to come up with a name with a corny double entendre.

I’m beginning to revise that opinion after a recent incident on campus. I didn’t write about it earlier, but now I seem to have a perfect intro. Although it didn’t surprise me to learn that none of my colleagues were familiar with cornhole as a family sport, I was somewhat surprised to find that they weren’t familiar with the other definition either. (And if you’re included in cornhole-clueless population, just think of it as a slang verb defining an act that mortally offends the religious right .. or keep reading and you’ll probably figure it out from the context).

So I was wandering around campus one day, and noticed a lot of activity on the Student Center patio: students sitting at tables with big signs, etc. Usually this is a sign of activist organizations promoting some sort of cause, so I thought I’d wander down and see if it was anything interesting.

It turned out to be several different organizations promoting “National Coming Out Day”. While that’s a cause that I support philosophically, it didn’t promise to provide much opportunity to pick up cute hippie chicks, so I wandered away.

Not far away, in front of a classroom building, I spotted another table staffed by a pair of attractive females. I wandered over for a closer look, assuming it probably wasn’t related to Coming Out, and couldn’t believe the irony. These young ladies were registering people for their sorority’s cornhole tournament.

I went back to work unable to contain my laughter, and told everybody I could find about the irony of a sorority advertising a cornhole tournament in such close proximity to all the gay organizations promoting Coming Out, and wondered if either group was aware of the other.

For the most part, reaction to my babbling was just confused stares and “what the hell is cornhole?” Nobody else saw the slightest humor in the situation, because nobody else was familiar with either definition. If the meaning of cornhole that I’ve known since childhood is really that unfamiliar to people that I thought would know it, maybe the game creators had never heard of it either. Maybe there really was no double entendre intended. I guess we’ll never know.

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