The Joys of Fall

I keep saying that, as I get older, I get less tolerant of extreme weather, and now the only months that I’m happy are April and September. Right now, the end of August is beginning to feel a lot like September, which I suppose is fair since June was more like August. With the return of sunny days, mild temperatures, and scantily clad students, it’s hard to say whether it’s more pleasant to be on a college campus, or on the back of a horse this time of year. Since I can’t combine the two like the Lexington Mounted Police like to do this time of year, I’ve just had to settle for splitting my time.

Two days this week, I spent the morning in the saddle, and the afternoon trying to keep myself at my desk. Tuesday morning, Crossbo and I had another terrific schooling session with the Bitch Pack (thanks, Mary!). Wednesday morning, I decided I needed to quit neglecting Arthur, so he and I went out roading hounds, the first such session of the season.

Crossbo continues to convince me that his purchase was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, hoping his attitude stays as good when we actually start hunting. So far, he’s not giving me much reason to be doubtful, except for some balkiness about loading.

Arthur also seems as fit as ever, despite having an even easier summer than usual, as Crossbo occupied what little riding time I had. I have to acknowledge the truth behind a comment from one of the Pack, that it’ll be tough to go back to riding him after Crossbo. But I really would like to try to keep both horses going as much as possible, so I’m planning to continue with some sort of rotation.

As one possible solution to keep both horses exercised, and get my bro back in the hunt field where he belongs, I’ve offered him the use of Crossbo whenever he wants. That’s not just brotherly unselfishness offering him the better horse; considering the relative sizes of humans and horses, Crossbo would be a more appropriate mount for him than Arthur. I’ll gladly ride the smaller “worse” horse (who has served me very well the last few years) if that’s what it takes to get both horses working and reinforce the Simpson presence in the field.

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