Hello, Halliburton

As I was eyeballing my website stats this morning (yeah, I know, I need a life, but hunting was cancelled), I noticed that a computer at halliburton.com had logged enough hits here to show up on the report. I know there are a few references to Halliburton here (mostly uncomplimentary), but not that many. Naturally, I couldn’t help but wonder what had attracted their attention, and what other rants they had wandered into after reading all I had to say about their corporation.

Digging into the logs for the details was somewhat anti-climactic. It turned out that all but one of Halliburton’s 90+ hits had been on my Rolex event pages, mostly the 1999 event. So maybe the company can’t be all bad if they have at least one horse junkie working there. Of course, I have to wonder how much the taxpayers were billed for the time that some contractor spent looking at pictures of horses jumping. And I wonder how I can get my fair share of that as a subcontractor.

And even the one hit that wasn’t Rolex-related was still in the equine section, a result of a Google search for hauling mule trailer horses. So apparently my Halliburtonian fan is still blissfully ignorant of my contempt for his employer. At least I can stop worrying about nastygrams from their legal department.

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