Soul Food?

t’s good to know Christian charity is alive and well in the good old US of A. A Guardian article reports that malnutrition rates in children under five have almost doubled in Iraq since the US-led invasion. And while those pesky British are just whining about it, folks over here are doing something. Email from a friend tells what one local church is doing about the problem.

Terri writes:

I had to make a stop at one of the largest Churches here in Lexington. Nice friendly faces, many Bush stickers on cars… What perplexed me most though was the BIG SIGN saying “Donate here to send Bibles to Iraq”.

It takes a true Christian to understand that what a starving Iraqi (probably Muslim) child needs more than anything else is a Bible. If the worthless little heathens are going to die, at least we can give them a chance to save their souls first. And if they don’t convert, and end up burning in hell, well, by God, at least we did everything we could. It’s not our fault if they don’t read the Bibles we send them.

Seriously, is this unbridled arrogance, or are these people really that ignorant? Well, maybe the Bush stickers answer that question. We demolish their country, torture their citizens, kill their children, and expect them to be grateful for our suggestion that they abandon their religion for ours?

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