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It’s been over three months since my last musings. I’ve had inquiries from readers hoping the hiatus was due only to writer’s block and not some dire misfortune keeping me away from the keyboard. So I guess it’s time to write something to put all fears to rest. My critters and I are indeed all alive and well. The lack of news here is due only to lack of anything interesting to write. Some might suggest that never stopped me before, so maybe I’ve just become more aware of not having anything interesting to write. In any case, interesting or not, I might as well sum up the last few months.

My last post covered the end of hunt season. As usual, the off season doesn’t provide much horse news. Arthur and Crossbo have both provided some leisurely hacks around the farm and some trail riding, but aside from Crossbo being his usual awesome self, they haven’t provided any newsworthy entertainment.

The canines are also mostly status quo. Chowder is beginning to show the effects of age, as his back legs are becoming weak. He has problems negotiating stairs, frequently resulting in falling back down. Earlier this spring, he tried to accompany me on hacks around the farm, and had to give up and return home. Now he doesn’t even try. He watches me tack up as if saying “Have a good time, I’ll guard the house until you get back.” Norm, despite being almost as old as Chowder, isn’t showing any signs of age at all.

In political news, I’ve been silent since Kentucky’s primary in May. Some may be wondering how I finally managed to make a choice between the two dismal candidates who had risen to the top of the race. I didn’t. John Edwards was still on the ballot in Kentucky, since I voted for him.

And since Obama has clinched the nomination, he has begun to show his true self. He is backing down on withdrawal from Iraq. He reversed his position on campaign reform, since he realized he’s going to be able to raise even more money from lobbyist scumbags than John McCain. And he’s siding with the Bush administration’s shredding of the Constitution on the issue of warrantless wiretapping and immunity for lawbreakers.

At least some of his breathless thralls in the media are beginning to wake up. A recent NY Times editorial said:

We are not shocked when a candidate moves to the center for the general election. But Mr. Obama’s shifts are striking because he was the candidate who proposed to change the face of politics, the man of passionate convictions who did not play old political games. There are still vital differences between Mr. Obama and Senator John McCain on issues like the war in Iraq, taxes, health care and Supreme Court nominations. We don’t want any “redefining” on these big questions. This country needs change it can believe in.

So the folks at the Times are shocked, SHOCKED I SAY, to find that Obama is a fraud. I could have told them that. You’d think that they would have learned something after swallowing Bush’s Iraq lies hook, line, and sinker, and feeding them to the country. But even after apologizing for essentially being a mouthpiece for the White House, they played the same role for Obama throughout the primary season. And now they’re dismayed that those “passionate convictions” were a bunch of hogwash, just as many of us knew all along. Maybe I should run a newspaper; possession of a functional brain doesn’t seem to be a requirement.Moving along to the next topic, the work scene isn’t much brighter. I’m now in the middle of a project which has been hopelessly out of control for the last four years, and trying to get it back on course is not going to be easy.

I’m afraid that’s about all the news that’s fit to print at this point. I hope it won’t be another three months before my next update. If it is, that should be just about the beginning of cubbing season.

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