Golden Parachute – Reward for Failure

Followers of the national news probably expect this to be a rant about the government bailout of failed financial institutions, and the huge bonuses paid to those responsible for the problems. Those in tune with recent events in Kentucky are more likely to guess the actual topic. Although the total overall dollar figures are less, ($6 million instead of $170 million), when it’s all going to one loser instead of divided among many, it seems far more outrageous.

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No Longer Dogless

barry1I’m neglecting this blog again, mainly due to laziness. I’m also being distracted by Facebook, which is claiming much of my cyber-time. Maybe sometime I’ll comment here about the pros/cons of the Facebook format vs. a blog. But I’m too lazy to do that now. I just want to belatedly report on an update to the menagerie. I am no longer dogless, as announced on Facebook about a month ago.

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