Ice Storm Diary – 2009

Kentucky, and other states, were hit by a severe ice storm January 26-28. Electricity is out in Tatertown, and probably will be for over a week. I’ll report some random observations here as I can. In an effort to conserve laptop batteries, I won’t be online much, and I won’t even be able to type stuff offline for later posting. So I’ll just post what I can remember as I get a chance, as in this message today coming from the relative comfort of my workplace.

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Been There, Done That

The last few days have been an interesting opportunity for hope, celebration, and reflection. Yesterday, I participated in the annual Martin Luther King Day activities. Not surprisingly, most of the speakers mentioned the historic occasion that was going to occur today. President Obama’s inauguration is certainly an indication that, although racism hasn’t been completely eradicated, our country’s attitudes have come a long way since the assassination of Dr. King. It is certainly a wonderful tribute to his life’s work to follow his birthday celebration with the inauguration of our first African-American president.

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