Should Bill Chill?

I don’t have much respect for Bill Clinton’s taste in women, either the one he married or the ones he chose to fool around with. Surely somebody with the chick-magnet potential of the Presidency could have done better than Monica Lewinsky. But he was a pretty damn good President. And he got to be President by being a political genius. And that ingenuity continues to work its magic. While I haven’t quite been won over, the persuasuive Mr. Clinton is coming damn close to persuading me that the witch he married would be a less undesirable presidential candidate than Barack Obama. Of course, he’s not doing that all by himself. He’s getting substantial assistance, mainly from Mr. Obama and his supporters.

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Openness 5

With all the recent dismal weather curtailing outdoor fun, it might seem that I should have more time for mindless musings, which have been scarce recently. Available time is not the issue. The doldrums are also affecting my creative enthusiasm. So, in a feeble attempt to fill space here, I’m stooping to stealing a recent news item, with no additional comment of my own. My excuse is that it was reported in a periodical probably not on the regular reading list of those who stumble here. While the gist of the article may be no surprise to some of us, it was nice to see it confirmed.

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Off to a good start

I realize my musings have been pretty sparse lately, and horse news has been even sparser. That’s partly because December sucked. Due to crappy weather and scheduling problems, Crossbo and I only hunted twice in December, and I managed to get in one other non-hunting ride. Only three rides in a month makes us both grumpy. But today, we survived our first hunt of the New Year, with both of us recovering remarkably well from the time off. It was a great day, but there was nothing really spectacular to write about, so this is just a quick note to reassure all that Crossbo and I are alive and well and hoping January provides opportunity to make up for December.

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New Year, New Software

During some of the Christmas downtime, when weather made indoors more enticing than outdoors, I finally got around to installing Leopard on my PowerBook. I’ve been running it at work for a couple of months, so I knew what to expect, but I installed it anyway. I’m not sure why. I guess because since I had bought it, I might as well use it. Or maybe I’ve just drunk too much of the Apple Kool-Aid, and can’t resist the urge to keep up with their latest glitzy offering (although I have resisted the iPhone so far).

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Iowa Surprise

The Obamaniacs are rejoicing at their plastic hero’s victory in Iowa. I suppose now we’re going to have the media telling us that the election has already been decided, which unfortunately becomes true if enough people believe it. I have to admit, I am truly glad Queen Hillary got her royal ass kicked royally. I only wish the kicking could have been delivered by someone other than someone who appears to be her slightly less evil twin. I keep hearing people breathleslly repeating platitudes like “fresh” and “change”, when it appears that the only thing that’s changing is Obama himself, to become less fresh and more appealing to those who shy away from anybody who sincerely promises real change. He seems to be well on his way to proving it’s not necessary to fool all the people, and maybe not even a majority of them.

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