President Pelosi?

Well, despite Speaker Pelosi’s insistence that impeachment is “off the table”, it’s finally on the table, thanks to courageous Congressman Dennis Kucinich. Recently, it has become increasingly obvious that the question of whether he was going to introduce Articles of Impeachment had become a question of when, not if. And that question was finally answered at a news conference. I suppose it’s no surprise that he timed his announcement to capture the excitement of the nationwide April 28 impeachment action. But there was one interesting surprise.

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Strange Bedfellows

With apologies to my distant readers, it’s time for another chapter of Kentucky politics. While the rest of the country is dithering about a Presidential election next year, we have a gubernatorial election this year. Maybe smaller stakes, but at least we know who our candidates are, unless some of them drop out or get indicted. As some readers know, I have a friend running in this election. Since politicians are taking advantage of web tools like Myspace to attract the younger voters (or those of us who pretend to be young), I thought Steve might have joined the trend. His campaign manager ran Barack Obama’s Senate campaign, so I assume he’s up on all the latest buzz.

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True Confessions?

Don Imus’ racist drivel seems to have pushed the British-Iranian boat brouhaha off the front pages before I got around to commenting on it. But in all the rhetoric and uncertainty, I think there’s one important aspect of that controversy that’s worthy of consideration. It will probably never be definitely proven whether or not the Brits had trespassed in Iran’s waters, so people will be free to believe whatever they choose. My own belief is that if they were where they weren’t supposed to be, it was probably accidental. But in all the uncertainty, one thing is certain.

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Season Summary

I realize there has been a shortage of horseplay topics here recently. That hasn’t been dure to a shortage of horseplay. Although January and February basically sucked, March was a pretty good month. But if I had written about each hunt, they all would have been about the same: “Crossbo was awesome. We had fun.” But now that the season has ended, I guess a summary is due.

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