Just a brief note to gloat about Scooter Libby’s conviction. It’s ironic that some of the hard-core law-and-order Republicans are starting to talk about pardons. In fact, that jogged my memory a little, reminding me of something I wrote
here almost four years ago. Way back when this story was hardly getting any attention at all, I suggested a somewhat different outcome for the then-unknown villain. But in spite of all his “stay the course, no flip-flop” rhetoric, consistency has never been one of our president’s strong points.

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Quote of the Week

It’s not really a new idea; I’ve made similar comments previously. But I still want to give a big high five to my buddy Dennis for this quote:

It must be really tough for candidates for President to come before the American people, and claim that they were … tricked … deceived … misled … by GEORGE BUSH???

I used to have a video of Dennis saying that embedded in this page, but it slowed down the page load so much that I removed it. If you want to see the video, here it is.

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